Fall River MA Truck Driver Cited for Bus Crash, Sent to RI Hospital


On May 1st, 2013 there was an accident involving a truck and a schoool bus in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Truck Driver was cited as a result of the crash. The Truck Driver went to RI Hospital for treatment for his injury. The Citation was for the following traffic violations: Operating a Motor Vehicle Negligently and Failure to Stop at a Red Light.

ABC 6 News reported that The driver of the truck, 27-year-old Matthew Tavares of Fall River, was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. Eleven students aboard the school bus were transported to local hospitals for minor injuries and precautionary care. http://www.abc6.com/story/22131680/truck-driver-cited-in-fall-river-school-bus-crash

11 Children were transported for medical treatment for minor injuries. Some of the children were transported for precautionary reasons only. Everyone who treated at Local hospitals were released.




http://downtownlalaw.com/big-rig-truck-accident-on-14-freeway-antelope-valley-5-21-13/ Big Rig Truck Accident on 14 Freeway Antelope Valley 5-21-13

According to Wickepedia A traffic collision, also known as a traffic accident, motor vehicle collision, motor vehicle accident, car accident, automobile accident, road traffic collision, wreck (USA), car crash, or car smash (Australian) occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other stationary obstruction, such as a tree or utility pole. Traffic collisions may result in injury, death, vehicle damage, and property damage.

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