Flood Cars Result in Serious Car Accidents

No one is ever safe from buying a previously flood damaged car. These auto are sold across the United States and some may even be sold in Massachusetts (MA) or Rhode Island (RI). Independent of the fact whether you buy the car from a dealership or from a private seller, you, as a car buyer, may be subject to this type of fraud. Flood cars appear as a result of hurricanes. These cars were once completely or partially submerged in water. So, the electronic system, the engine and the rest of the car parts are already out of order in them.

If flooded, cars are titled as “salvaged” and the insurance company purchases them back to sell them in salvage yards. Everything starts from these same salvage yards where some fraudulent people buy those flooded vehicles to later sell them to unsuspecting purchasers.

Very often a dealership is well aware of the fact that the car they are trying to sell is a flood car. However, few dealerships will disclose this fact to the buyers. Non-disclosure of previous flood cars is a serious crime in the U.S. No vehicle purchaser will agree to buy a previously flood damaged vehicle, as they know that such cars may pose serious safety hazards causing car accidents and crashes. Sadly many of these car wrecks may lead to serious personal injury, herniated disk, whiplash or even death.

Following are some tips to help you avoid buying flood cars:

• Perform a visual inspection of the car (look under the carpets, at the door panels, behind the dashboard, under the floor mats, etc.)
• Check for rust, dirt and mud wherever possible
• Inspect the seat belt retractors (see whether they are pulling normally or not)
• Check for strange odor or moisture
• Ask an experienced mechanic to inspect the vehicle properly. If the dealer or the sales manager refuses to let your mechanic inspect the car, the just leave the dealership.
• Always test drive the vehicle if you are intending to buy it. Be careful to hear any unusual sounds when driving.

In case you have been sold a flood car and you have undergone the potential risk of a car accident, you can contact a good auto dealer fraud lawyer. An auto dealer fraud lawyer is the right person to turn to if you think you have been cheated or defrauded by the dealership.

Article by Anet reprinted with express permission.

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