Vehicle Defects Causing Car Accidents in MA, RI and other States

It is required that all car manufacturing companies design and manufacture vehicles that strongly meet minimum safety standards. Poor maintenance and bad control of the vehicle on the part of the driver may often cause car accidents to occur. However, vehicle defects may be another cause for car crashes and fatalities.

There are both major and minor defects that a vehicle may have. There may be manufacturing and/or design defects on a car. A manufacturing defect is the one caused during the manufacturing process of the car; this is usually the unintended type of flaw. Unlike the manufacturing defects, design defects involve car parts that are primarily meant to be a major part of the vehicle.

As it has already been noted, vehicle defects range from slight to severe ones. Thus, the following are the most common car defects that may result in car accidents and crashes.

Defective Tires

Defective tires may pose serious rollover risks. Rollover accidents may very often be deadly for both car passengers and the passers-by.

Defective airbags

The main problem in some airbags is that they either deploy without need or they do not deploy at all. In both cases the passengers of the cars may be badly injured or even killed. The driver may lose the control of the vehicle and an accident may take place.

Brake failure

Brakes have different parts that must be installed properly not to let car accidents happen. Brake failure or failure of any part of the vehicle brake system may result in the loss of vehicle control by the driver.
Roof collapse

This may be caused by improper installation of the car roof. If the roof consists of glass, then the consequences may be fatal.

Seat-belt failure

The seat belts may not be properly installed or they may have been made of cheap material that may not stand the weight of a man during a crash. In such crashes the passenger may hit the dashboard or the door window.
All the above mentioned vehicle defects may cause huge injuries: broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries and even death.

If you or someone you know has suffered any kind of injuries due to car defects, you can contact a good lemon law attorney for legal help.

Lemon Law Attorney

Article Authored by Anet Hakobjanyan and reprinted with express permission

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