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If you were injured as a result of a Massachusetts Boat Crash / Accident then you need to speak with an attorney to assist you in getting the best injury settlement possible. A Mass. Boat Accident includes all types of mishaps including the following types of boating transportation: jet skis, Ferry, personal watercraft, Barge, Canoe, motorboats, sailboat, Pontoon, water taxi, Rowboat, raft and Dinghy Etc.

Boat crashes in Massachusetts may cause property damage to a vessel, personal injury or even a drowning death. Massachusetts residents enjoy  boating on the many lakes, rivers,  bays, ponds and oceans in Massachusetts. However, boating accidents and wrecks are too commonplace in MA as a result of negligent, careless or reckless boating.

MA boat operators owe a legal duty to others to operate a watercraft in a prudent, safe and careful manner. Furthermore, the following types of boating could be considered negligent:

-Boating in a restricted area where swimmers, surfers, windsurfers could be in jeopardy especially when there is a sign or bouys warning of swimmers

Common types of boat accidents include: A vessel capsizing, an explosion or even a fire on a boat or a boat striking a water-skier or someone being pulled by a boat.

What is the cause of most Boat Accidents in Massachusetts?

There are hundreds of different potential types of boat accidents that could occur. The most obvious type of boat wrecks are:  a vessel physically striking another boat causing property damage or personal injury. Another common boating crash is when a vessel collides with a man made structure such as a Sailboat, motorboat or  jet ski. Another type of accident is a  watercraft colliding with dock, dinghy , lighthouse or houseboat. Other boating tragedies result from a motorboat crashing into rocks, or the land in shallow water.

Other boat mishaps occur  inside the boat such as a Slip & Fall on or off the Boat . Some boating accidents in Massachusetts  are caused by reckless or negligent operation of a vessel such as Reckless Boating, Drunk Driving (DUI) and inexperienced and or negligent boat operation. Negligent boating includes speeding in violation of a speed limit or if no speed limit is posted at a speed that is unreasonably dangerous.

The United States Coast Guard reports that

  • “In 2012, the Coast Guard counted 4515 accidents that involved 651 deaths, 3000 injuries and approximately $38 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents.
    • The fatality rate was 5.4 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational vessels. This rate represents a 12.9% decrease from last year’s fatality rate of 6.2 deaths per 100,000 registered recreational vessels.
    • Compared to 2011, the number of accidents decreased 1.6%, the number of deaths decreased 14.1% and the number of injuries decreased 2.6%.”  ####

Legal Notice per Rules of Professional Responsibility: The Rhode Island Supreme Court and Massachusetts Suppreme Judicial Court license all lawyers and attorneys in the general practice of law, but do not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any field of practice. While this firm maintains joint responsibility, most cases of this type are referred to other attorneys for principle responsibility.

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