MA Medical Malpractice lawsuit May Be amended for Wrongful Death Claim after Deadline Expired!

Massachusetts Medical Malpractice lawsuitIn an important Massachusetts Law Judicial Ruling, the Ma Supreme Judicial Court  gave a sense of justice and comfort to alleged victims of Medical Malpractice.

The MA  Supreme Judicial Court in Sisson et al. v Lhowe et al. ruled  that a  Mass. Medical Malpractice Lawsuit may be amended to include a Wrongful Death Claim even after the statute of Limitations had expired.

Here are some important excerpts from this Massachusetts Wrongful death and Medical Malpractice MA Case:

“The additional costs associated with defending stale claims do not manifest where a plaintiff dies during the pendency of a malpractice suit and the parties proceed to trial based on a claim of wrongful death rather than personal injury,”

“Regardless of whether a claim is for personal injury or wrongful death, where both claims are based on the facts supporting the malpractice action, the liability issue to be resolved remains the same, as will any problems of proof encountered by defendants during a pending action.”

Review the entire Law News article Published by The American Medical Association:

Lawsuit may be amended after Statute Of Limitatipon Expires to include wrongful death

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