Massachusetts Hit and Run Compensation using a MA Injury attorney

Massachusetts Hit and RunCompensation Claims for a Hit and Run Accident in Massachusetts

The seriousness of suffering injuries in a MA car accident caused by another is magnified when the other driver quickly leaves the scene without stopping to help. Every party involved in the accident has a legal obligation to remain at the scene and ensure that everyone who requires assistance and medical care gets it. It is considered a hit and run accident in Mass. when any driver leaves the scene of the motor vehicle crash, which brings with it potential criminal and civil penalties.

Defining Hit and Run in Massachusetts

A hit and run happens in MA occurs when drivers involved in vehicle collisions leave the scene of the accident without stopping. Drivers involved in the accident have a responsibility to stop their vehicle and exchange information, even if it is only a slight fender bender.

Hit and run accident may include property damage to cars or stationary objects including a parked vehicle or property. A serious hit and run accident can involve injuries to individuals including other drivers, passengers, pedestrians or bicyclists.

Driver Responsibility after a Massachusetts Accident

The privilege of driving brings with it certain obligations when involved in an accident as is outlined in the state’s traffic laws and vehicle codes. In essence, every driver involved in the Mass. accident is required to:

• Stop the vehicle within a reasonable amount of space to ensure the driver and all passengers are in a safe location
• Exchange insurance information and identification with every driver involved in the accident including driver’s license numbers and contact info
• Contact law enforcement to come to the accident scene and write out a detailed police report, especially for accidents involving serious injuries or fatalities
• Assist the injured including summoning emergency services and provide reasonable help when necessary.
• Leave a note with detailed information when the accident causes damage to any unattended vehicle including parked cars

Hit and Run Criminal Penalties

Based on the severity of the accident, drivers in Massachusetts who leave the scene of an accident might face criminal penalties on a hit and run charge. This is especially true if the accident caused substantial property damage, injuries or fatalities. In addition to facing civil consequences in a filed claim or lawsuit, the driver leaving the scene can be charged with a felony and suffer imprisonment and/or fines.

Filing a Civil Compensation Claim

The law provides a legal remedy for any individual with injuries obtained in a MA hit and run accident. The victim can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit to hold the offending driver accountable for their neglect and reckless actions. In some situations, the injured victim can see can win punitive damages as a way to penalize the hit and run driver for leaving the scene.

Filing a civil lawsuit or claim in Massachusetts provides compensation to the injured victims to pay for various expenses. These costs could include medical bills, lost wages from time away from work along with pain, suffering and physical damages including vehicle replacement or repair.

In the event that the hit and run driver is never found, victims suffering injuries or damages can file a claim, if they have uninsured motorist insurance coverage, for compensation through their own insurance company in an uninsured motorist claim. However, state tort law involving hit and run accident claims is complex, and winning a case often requires the skills of an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney.

By hiring a reputable Ma Injury law firm, the victim can be assured the Mass personal injury lawyers will build a rock solid case for compensation. Most hit and run accident attorneys in MA will offer a free initial consultation and accept cases on contingency to save you the problem of paying any legal frees up front.

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