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While serious accidents involving rollovers can happen to any car or truck traveling the roadway, specific types of vehicles have a greater potential of being involved in this type of crash. Tow trucks, SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks are usually top-heavy by design. These vehicles have an increased potential of being involved in a rollover accident because of their narrow track and a high center of gravity.

Top-heavy vehicles are involved in a disproportionately high number of accidents in Massachusetts involving injuries and fatalities when compared to the majority of other cars and trucks. This is because these types of vehicles are often challenging to operate with restrictive handling and limited responsiveness, compared to common passenger care and trucks.

It is imperative that the injured victims immediately retain a MA truck accident attorney / MA personal injury lawyer to start the process of obtaining a settlement from those at fault for the truck crash. If a person was killed in a trucking wreck then they need to retain a MA wrongful death attorney with experience in Mass. trucking litigation. Many times, rollovers produce catastrophic results, where the driver and passengers suffer serious trauma to the head, back, neck, spine and sometimes death.

A rollover in Mass. can happen anytime the lightweight truck or minivan hits an obstacle on the roadway. The vehicle’s high center of gravity can tip it off balance to the left or right and ultimately cause it to roll over on its side and flip repeatedly.

Because these high center of gravity vehicles are thrown off-balance so easily, the majority of rollovers crashes involve the single vehicle. Unfortunately, many families in Massachusetts and the Boston metropolitan area purchase minivans, pickup trucks and SUVs to transport their children, believing the vehicle to be a safe ride. Many of these accidents occurred because they followed a classic rollover pattern, where the single vehicle veered off the road, rolled over and made impact with another vehicle, concrete wall, or other fixed object.

Tow Truck Accidents in MA

Most tow trucks are summoned to the scene of a Massachusetts accident or to disable cars along the side of the roadway as a way to rescue broken down vehicles and stranded motorists. Other tow truck drivers in Mass. are hired to remove impounded vehicles when the owner has been arrested along the roadway for DUI, a warrant for arrest, or other legal issue. Unfortunately, inattentive drivers in MA can easily cause an accident with a tow truck and other vehicles at the site when driving up to them unexpectedly at the scene, causing extensive property damage and mass casualties. Often times, the motorist’s negligence will lead to a wrongful death of the tow truck driver or the owner and passengers of the vehicle being towed away.

Other times, tow truck drivers are negligent in their actions when aggressively dragging or transporting broken vehicles to their destination. The tow truck may be traveling at an excessive speed, which could endanger the lives of others on the roadway because of its high center.

Many rear end collisions in Massachusetts involving a tow truck cause extensive injuries and death to innocent victims. In many of these incidences, the taillights of the vehicle being towed are inadequately lit, making them difficult to see under hazardous road conditions or during nighttime driving.

Taking Legal Action in MA

If you have been injured in a small light truck accident in MA involving a pickup truck, minivan or tow truck, you likely have a claim against all responsible parties. Even if your responsible for rolling your vehicle, you might be able to file a claim or lawsuit against the automobile manufacturer for designing an unsafe truck or minivan with a high center of gravity and limited responsiveness. If you sustained injuries in a tow truck accident, you may be able to hold the driver, towing company and tow truck manufacturer accountable for their negligence.

The skilled MA Truck accident attorney can investigate the cause of your accident and help you pursue a lawsuit or claim against all responsible parties. This will ensure you receive adequate compensation for your medical expenses, hospital visit, lost wages, lost time from work, disability, suffering, pain and permanent injury.

A Massachusetts Personal injury Attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your MA truck crash claim. A MA truck accident lawyer will investigate the claim and file a cause of action against those responsible for the trucking collision.

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